2020 15s and 16s Offer Status


We are still filling the 15s teams.  We are trying to put together a 4th 15s team.  If you have accepted another offer or are no longer interested, please let us know.  The contact for that is shelbswanson@gmail.com 


Unfortunately, we have filled all of the 16s teams that we can.  The teams are now complete.  If you have not heard anything, we unfortunately do not have a 16s  offer for you.  There is a chance that a hybrid team could be formed of either 15s and 16s or 16s and 17s.  There is no guarantee that will happen.  If you would be interested in either of those options, let Shelby know at shelbswanson@gmail.com  We are sorry that we can’t put together anymore 16s teams.