Official Certification

What a Team Must Show Officially on the USAV Roster

  • Certified score keeper
    • one player
    • one adult
  • Two certified referees (R1 or R2)
    • one player (R2 is easier)
    • one adult 
  • Certified libero tracker (online training only)
    • player
  • Two certified line judges (online training only)
    • players
  1. Complete a USAV Online Academy training.
    1. Course Training Descriptions and Requirements
    2. USAV Academy – online training and login instructions
      1. Successfully complete the online training and quizzes
  2. Directions to receive ratings following training courses
    1. Required for R1 or R2 Certification
      1. Two rating forms by an adult certified as an R1
      2. R1 or R2 Rating Form to Present to Certifying R1
    2. Required for Score Keeping Certification
      1. Keep score for two matches – Please provide your own unless working as the official score keeper of the match. 
        1. Sets 1 and 2 (non-deciding)
        2. Set 3 (deciding)
      2. Take a picture of the completed score sheet of the match, including set 3 if available.
  3. Scan (app=Tiny Scanner) and email a PDF of any rating sheet or completed score sheet directly to margojuergens(at sign), OKRVA Officials’ Chair.