Covid Response

Coaches and players are encouraged to:

  • Use hand sanitizer provided at Titan before practice, during water breaks, and after practice.
  • Maintain distance during team huddling and cheering during practices and games.
  • Stay home with any Covid related symptoms.

If a player or coach tests positive for COVID, the team and parents will be notified.  Each family can address the situation and quarantine as they deem necessary.

If a player is quarantined outside of volleyball due to close exposure, the player will quarantine from Club ONE activities for a period of  at least seven days from last exposure if no symptoms develop and with a negative test no earlier than day five of this period or for a minimum of ten days since exposure without a negative test.

If a player or coach resides in the same house as a person who tests positive, the player will start the quarantining period described above ten days after the onset of symptoms for the person testing positive.

If a player or coach experiences Covid symptoms while quarantined and without a negative test after day seven, the player will quarantine ten days from the onset of symptoms.

If a player or coach tests positive, he or she may return to team events ten days after the onset of symptoms and after fever is normal for at least 72 hours without fever reducing medication.  If a coach or player tests positive and is asymptomatic, the player or coach will quarantine for ten days from date of test.

As a USAV sanctioned club we are required to adhere to federal, state, and local guidelines for our area. To read more on the USAV guidelines click below.

USAV Response to COVID-19