Score Reporting

Scores will not be reported for any USAV tournament hosted in Oklahoma or any other tournament scheduled through AES.

The Score Report Form will be submitted by the team rep or team designee following each non-AES  tournament.  These scores will be gathered to submit for larger tournaments and to report scores directly to the region.

Here are links for team codes for Oklahoma and the surrounding regions.  For other regions, it is likely they can be found on the region’s website, or you can use the information above to build a team’s code if another team within the same club can be located in order to find the five digit club code.

If a team code cannot be found, apply this formula to build one. Sample – G18ONEVB1OK – Club ONE 18 Black

  • G – Girls
  • ##-two digit age division
  • 5-digit team code – same for every club no matter the team
  • #-level of team in the club (1-2-3-4-etc)
  • Final Two Letters – Region Code

NEW – Select a division below based on the tournament played.  If you played at a local level tournament, simply pick Club unless the team played in a division older than the team; pick Up in Age.  If the tournament was a larger, out of region event or qualifier, verify the division if unsure before choosing Select, American, USA, or Open.