Online Tryout Parent Meeting


On behalf of Brittany and the entire Club ONE staff, thank you for the opportunity to evaluate your daughter’s volleyball skills tonight.  We look forward to continuing the process Friday night.

In lieu of a parent meeting, we want to convey some information regarding team selections.  Post tryouts can be a stressful time in a player’s home.  We hope to make this as smooth as possible.

Once the Offer Process begins, please know it takes time, sometimes up to several days to speak with each family.  Some kids will accept on the spot.  Some will have other tryouts to attend.  Some will just want some time to weigh the decision.  We will not pressure a player. Please know that if we extend an offer, we will not retract it because a player needs time.  However, please also understand we cannot necessarily move onto the next kid until we hear from kids who have already received offers. 

Be honest with the coach calling you about the player’s timeframe to come to a decision. It will help the process for calling the next kids.

Parents, if your player is not in the initial offer phase, please do not lose hope. There are so many variables in play, especially with other tryouts still occurring across the city.

Helpful Info
  • Discuss ahead of time all of the hypothetical situations your player may encounter.
  • Multiple offers
    • Two different tiers of teams between different clubs, a 1’s team vs a 2’s team or a 2’s team vs a 3s team
      • Just because it’s a lower tiered team at one club does not necessarily mean it is a lower talented team – It is our goal to compete against other club’s higher ranked teams.
    • A choice between two teams at Club ONE
  • Coming to a decision as soon as it is comfortable helps other players find a home whose offer depends on the choice of players called first.

We will do our best to continue updating each player along the way.  Please don’t hesitate to email if you want to see where we are in the process.  We will give as much information as possible.  If any further questions arise, we look forward to hearing from you.